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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls / Diablo 3: RoS: Beta (Og patch 2.0.1 PTR)
« Dato: November 20, 2013, 01:08:58 pm »
Ligesom med D3 har Blizzard lavet en såkaldt "Friends and Family beta", men hvor den i D3 var meget begrænset (til netop friends og family), er den denne gang lidt mere udvidet.

Derudover lover Blizzard også at den rigtige closed beta kommer "snart".

Samtidigt med Closed beta vil der også komme patch 2.0.1 på Patch Test Realm, med Paragon 2.0 og Loot 2.0, som alle kan afprøve.

Mere info her:


The Diablo® III: Reaper of Souls™ Friends and Family Beta is now underway!

In the past, participants in this particular phase of public testing usually only include friends and relatives of Blizzard employees. With Reaper of Souls, however, we've decided to buck that trend and extend invites to valued media contacts and key members of the Blizzard community. We're also inviting 3,000 of our most active Diablo III players from around the world who've opted in for beta testing—something we've never done for any Friends and Family Beta test before!

Participants in the Reaper of Souls Friends and Family Beta are not required to abide by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). As a result, you may see coverage in the form of articles, videos, streams, and forum posts appear over the next few weeks regarding various features and changes in the expansion. When reviewing this coverage, please keep in mind that the Friends and Family Beta is still an early glimpse at Reaper of Souls, which means that all content is subject to change before release. We also encourage you to be mindful of story spoilers, as the Friends and Family Beta includes the entire expansion, excluding the final boss fight.

Reaper of Souls Closed Beta Coming Soon

Our Friends and Family Beta is just the first step of public testing, and by the end of the year we will be moving into Closed Beta. Since our Reaper of Souls Closed Beta test will also feature all content in the expansion (again, excluding the final boss fight), invitations will be extremely limited. However, we’ll continue handpicking community members to invite to the Closed Beta and bringing in additional players through opt-ins to ensure that all of our features like the Crusader, Mystic, and Adventure Mode get the testing they deserve.

If you’re interested in participating in the Reaper of Souls Closed Beta, please make sure you’ve opted-in for beta testing. You can do this by adjusting your Beta Profile Settings under the Account Management section of your Battle.net Account. Please note that opting in to the Reaper of Souls Closed Beta will not guarantee you access, but it will at least give you a chance at joining our beta test.

Public Test Region Access Also Coming Soon

Around the same time we begin our Reaper of Souls Closed Beta, we will also be launching our Public Test Region (PTR) for Patch 2.0.1! This patch will feature updates including Paragon 2.0, Loot 2.0, our new difficulty system, the addition of Clans and Communities, as well as balancing and tuning for all five Diablo III classes.

Anyone with the Battle.net Desktop App and Diablo III license will be able to participate in PTR testing.

We'll have more information on how to access the Public Test Region when it launches. In the meantime, if you'd like more information on the Battle.net App, check out our FAQ and be sure to send us your feedback using the Battle.net App Open Beta Forum.

We're incredibly excited about kicking off our public tests for Reaper of Souls, and look forward to collecting your feedback. The End of Days is coming!

Diablo 2 / LoD Generelt / Diablo II ladder reset d. 26/11/13
« Dato: November 14, 2013, 03:50:22 pm »
Hvis man sidder og savner Diablo II lidt, kommer den optimale mulighed for et lille nostalgi-trip om lidt under to uger, med et reset af D2 ladderen!

Hvis det kommer til at være som de andre år, betyder det at en bunke folk herindefra sætter sig og spiller lige så snart serverne kommer online igen, så hold øje med om der ikke kommer nogle team up tråde! ;)

Resetet kommer til at forløbe som sædvanligt;

It’s that time again! On the morning of Tuesday, November 26, we’ll be conducting maintenance in order to reset the Diablo II ladder. We anticipate the realms could be down for up to six hours, and during that time all existing ladder characters will be converted to non-ladder. All characters and items being converted to non-ladder will remain intact, but once converted these characters will no longer have access to ladder content such as creating ladder-only rune words.

This ladder reset, like all those before it, creates a clean slate where all ladder characters begin at level 1 with no previous items to help them. To participate, simply wait until the Diablo II realms return to service on May, log in to Battle.net, and tick the “Ladder Character” checkbox when creating a new character. You can track ladder character leveling progress by clicking on the Ladder button from the main Diablo II in-game Battle.net interface.

For more information on ladder characters please visit the Arreat Summit at http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/basics/charactertypes.shtml


Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls / Diablo3x.dk HC challenge teaser!
« Dato: September 30, 2013, 09:24:28 pm »
Diablo3x.dk HC challenge teaser

Mere info kommer snart :) Kan dog afsløre at der vil være lidt præmier og spas på teamspeak!

Off Topic / Tillykke til Kamelen!
« Dato: September 29, 2013, 12:24:17 pm »
Vores kære admin har fødselsdag i dag, så hermed et stort tillykke til Camelo! ^^

Med den lille bonusinfo at D3 også kommer til Xbox, blev release datoen for D3 til konsol offentliggjort:


On September 3, evil will be reborn on console systems throughout the world with the release of Diablo® III on the PlayStation™ 3 and Xbox 360® games and entertainment system from Microsoft. That's right, Diablo III will be unleashing hell on both Xbox 360 and PS3™ before summer's end, so lock in your preorders with your local retailer soon.

As an added bonus, all preorders of the Xbox 360 and PS3™ versions of Diablo III will include the exclusive Infernal Helm (in-game item only. . .though we have to admit it'd look pretty sharp IRL). Wearable at level 1, the Infernal Helm confers a +EXP bonus to help you whip your new PlayStation™ or Xbox® characters into shape. Plus, it looks sweet as hell on all five mortal heroes of Sanctuary—be it the Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Wizard, Demon Hunter, or Monk. Keep in mind that the redeemable key for the Infernal Helm, which you will find in your preordered console copy of Diablo III on launch day, requires an Internet connection to be redeemed and cannot be transferred across platforms.

Be sure to get your preorder lined up for the PS3™ or Xbox 360 versions of the game and prepare your thumbs to do battle against the sinister forces of the Burning Hells.

Please note that as the Xbox 360 version of Diablo III was announced today, it may take retailers several days to set up their product pages for this new version of the game. Be sure to check back if you don’t see Diablo III for Xbox 360 listed on retailers' websites.


Der er blevet lagt en blog op på Diablo 3 siden, kaldet "Messages From Hell: The Future of Diablo III", hvori Diablo 3's nye Game Director præsenterer sig selv. Han er tilsyneladende en af hovedaktørerne bag udviklingen af Diablo 3 til konsol, men bliver altså nu Game Director for spillet generelt.


My name is Josh Mosqueira, I am the new game director for Diablo III, and I want to take a moment to say "Hi" and introduce myself.

I'm a writer, designer, and lifelong gamer, and I got my official start designing games back in 1996. That's when I had my first real break as a writer for White Wolf (makers of the Vampire: The Masquerade pen-and-paper role-playing game), when I co-wrote Constantinople by Night and Montreal by Night while serving in the Canadian army and finishing university. After that, I went on to work on a number of popular game series, including Homeworld, Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, and FarCry. However, 1996 is a key year for me for another reason, because it's when I, like many of you, was introduced to Diablo.

Having a heavy background in pen-and-paper design—specifically in telling stories and building worlds set in realms of horror and fantasy—I was immediately drawn in by Diablo. While the game's dark, gothic setting hooked me, it was the intense, fast-paced action gameplay and the thrill of finding awesome loot that kept me coming back for years after.

That's always been the magic of the game for me. It starts with a setting that pits epic heroes against the teeming, endless hordes of the Burning Hells, in an adventure filled with nonstop, intense action. It's in players facing off against enemies like the Butcher and Diablo, villains who truly capture the essence of evil. And having the alluring promise of new and more powerful treasures around every corner doesn't hurt either.

When I joined Blizzard, I was entrusted with the responsibility of helping to determine whether it would be possible to create a console version of Diablo III and working on what that might look like. I took this responsibility extremely seriously as I wanted to ensure that the legions of players new to the series on console could experience the magical combination of action and treasure hunting that Diablo is known for. It was important to me that we retain that essential core that is Diablo—every player who has ever roamed the shadowy halls of Sanctuary's dungeons, hunting vile demons and looting their corpses, knows it well. My goal has been to help keep that core magic formula going strong with Diablo III, and to continue refining the game, initially for the console version, and now for the game as a whole.

Enjoying the nice weather with a few teammates, and our PAX East crew celebrating an epic convention.

For me, first as a Blizzard gamer and now as a game designer at the company, I've always felt that one of the things that sets Blizzard games apart is our passion and commitment to support our games well after launch. Many of the people I've worked with here have been at Blizzard since the early days of the company, and our heavy focus on putting the games first is the culture they helped create and that everyone here lives by. That's why we didn't call it a day after launching Diablo III and move on to the next project—the care, dedication, diligence, and ongoing effort from our development team continued full steam ahead as we listened to and acted on your feedback. We don't just ship a game and leave it at that; we make sure that it grows and evolves after launch.

In the year since Diablo III launched, we've made good strides, but there are still things we can improve and new surprises in store for everyone.  As Travis mentioned earlier, itemization is one of our big focuses for Diablo III moving forward. We want items to feel more meaningful, and we want players to be excited about the next loot drop. Our goal is to make the loot experience more enjoyable for ALL players. This includes reducing the amount of loot that drops while improving the overall quality, introducing targeted Legendaries, and giving players ways to directly customize their character's armor—both visually and mechanically. We're also looking into ways to reduce the impact of the Auction House. While we think the feature does provide a lot of value, it shouldn’t feel like the end-all-be-all force driving character progression.

We've built a solid foundation for the future of Diablo III and we're focused on staying true to the core essence of the game, while pushing boundaries to evolve gameplay in ways that will keep players like you excited. We hope you'll agree that with each update, the game keeps getting better and better, and we're only just getting started.
In the future, we'll be focused on preserving the core fantasy by cultivating the roots of the Diablo storyline, fine-tuning the heroes for what lays ahead, and creating new monsters and demons that will once again plant the seed of fear in your hearts. While some Diablo players out there are just looking for a fun single playthrough of the game, for many others, part of the appeal of the game is coming back again and again to test their mettle against challenging foes in an ongoing search for rare treasures, with the goal of making their heroes more and more powerful. We want to give those players, and really everyone, even more reasons to keep coming back to Sanctuary, and we have some great ideas brewing for ways to address randomization, what our endgame should offer, and how to make playing online with friends truly fulfilling.

To this end, you can expect to hear more from our designers, producers, and directors about what we have in store.

Thanks for being a part of the Diablo family, and we'll see you in Hell!


Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls / Stats efter 1 år med Diablo 3
« Dato: Maj 22, 2013, 11:17:35 am »
Som bekendt var det jo Diablo 3's fødselsdag d. 15. i denne måned, og i den anledning har Blizzard indsamlet nogle stats.


It's been one hell of a year.
Heroes have risen, angels have fallen, and the mortal realm of Sanctuary has once again been saved from the brink of despair. As Nephalem, your accomplishments are innumerable. You’ve saved a village from the risen dead, laid to rest the tortured soul of a dishonored king, solved the mystery of the Fallen Star, avenged the death of a powerful Horadrim, unlocked the secrets of the Black Soulstone, cast Belial from his throne of deceit, stopped a demonic invasion almost single-handedly, restored Hope, and vanquished the Prime Evil, preserving the sanctity of the High Heavens and ushering in a new age for the world as we know it.

But have you ever wondered how your deeds measure up in the real world? To showcase the strength of the Diablo III community and how awesome you all are, we've put together some interesting statistics.

How many heroes have been created? How many demons have been slaughtered in pursuit of treasure? And just how many times has the Lord of TERROAR Terror been killed? Find out below!

Og her er den så:

(kan ses seperat her )

Streameren "Archon The Wizard", streamer og har "besøg" af Wyatt Cheng, der som bekendt er Diablo 3 game designer.

Der bliver nævnt en hel masse interessante ting, blandt andet har Cheng sagt at de internt i teamet diskuterer ladder-aspektet meget, men at det under alle omstændigheder først vil være aktuelt med ladder når der kommer expansion.

Desuden har Cheng sagt, at de gerne vil gøre alle items "interessante", på den måde at man måske ikke selv kan bruge det til noget, man kan kigge på det og tænke "okay, jeg kan ikke bruge det, men der er helt sikkert en anden der ville kunne have brugt det", fx hvis thorns nu var et brugbart affix (mere end det er nu), så ville man finde et bælte med thorns og tænke "nå, det kan jeg ikke bruge, men et eller andet sted i verden er der en der ville kunne have brugt det", i stedet for "det her er der ingen der kan bruge".
Han snakker også om at de gerne vil beholde randomness i item drops, men fx gerne vil gøre noget ved fuldstændigt useless stats på items, som fx strength på et DH quiver.
I den sammenhæng snakkede han også lidt om white items, og at han gerne ville have en enkelt af mange white drops til måske at være brugbare.

Da det er ren tale, har jeg selvfølgelig ikke en direkte kilde som kan læses, og desuden siger Cheng at intet af det han siger er noget fast, men bare noget de tænker internt i D3 teamet.

Streamen kan ses her, Cheng er stadigvæk på:


Edit: Cheng logger af nu, men kommer på senere, tilgengæld kommer Travis Day, som også er game developer på om lidt.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls / D3X GUIDE: Demonic Essences og Crafting Plans
« Dato: April 01, 2013, 08:51:59 pm »
Demonic Essences og AB Crafting (Account Bound Crafting)

Med patch 1.0.7 blev der tilføjet nye drops; Demonic Essences og nye crafting plans der dropper fra nogle specifikke bosser.

Hvad er Demonic Essences og AB Crafting?

Demonic Essences er et crafting material, som udelukkende bruges i nye crafting plans, der blev introduceret samtidigt.

Account Bound Crafting er crafting af items, som derefter er Bound to Account, og altså ikke kan trades til andre, eller sælges. Et tidligere eksempel på dette, er Hellfire Ring, som man kan læse om her. I patch 1.0.7 blev der så tilføjet nogle flere plans, der fungerer på samme måde (uden at involvere übers dog), og Blizzard har snakket om at tilføje flere.

Der er lige pt. 5 forskellige items man kan lave med disse crafting plans, og hvert af disse items findes i 4 forskellige udgaver.

De 5 item typer er:

  • Arhcon Armor of... Der kræver 2 Tomes of Secrets, og en Demonic Essence at crafte.
  • Archon Spaulders of... der kræver 10 Tomes of Secrets, og en Demonic Essence at crafte.
  • Archon Gauntlets of... der kræver 20 Iridiscent Tears, 5 Tomes of Secrets og en Demonic Essence at crafte.
  • Razorspikes of... der kræver 30 Exquisite Essences, 5 Tomes of Secrets og en Demonic Essence at crafte
  • Amulet of... der kræver en perfect square gem (af den type stat du vil crafte), en Fiery Brimstone og en Demonic Essence at crafte

Altså chest armor, shoulders, gloves, bracers og amulet.

De fås alle sammen i følgende varianter:





Fælles for dem alle er, at de har mellem 201-230 af en af disse stats, alt efter hvilken udgave man crafter, og derudover 5 random properties. Dette betyder, at de har potentiale for at være nogle af de bedste items i spillet, men at det også kan tage mange crafts at få en god udgave.

Hvordan får man Demonic Essences og AB Crafting plans?

Demonic Essences kan modsat nogle andre crafting mats, ikke fås ved at salvage items. De dropper derimod fra elite/champion monstre, bosser, treasure goblins og visse ingame events der giver NV stacks. Det er vigtigt at bemærke at disse Essences desuden også er Account Bound.

Chancen for at der dropper Demonic essences er kun afhængig af MPL (Læs om Monster Power Level her) og altså ikke NV stacks. Chancen for at de dropper, er følgende:

  • MP 0: 15.0000%
  • MP 1: 16.5000%
  • MP 2: 18.1500%
  • MP 3: 19.9650%
  • MP 4: 21.9615%
  • MP 5: 24.1577%
  • MP 6: 26.5734%
  • MP 7: 29.2308%
  • MP 8: 32.1538%
  • MP 9: 35.3692%
  • MP 10: 38.9061%

De nye plans kan derimod fås på forskellige måder. Bemærk dog at du skal have en plan for hver variant af det item du vil lave; altså en for at lave intelligence-versionen, en for at lave dexterity-versionen etc.

Archon Armor kan kun købes hos Squirt the Peddler i Act 2, og dropper altså ikke.

De andre droppes af nogle specifikke bosser.

Alle plans kan dog købes på AH, da de i sig selv ikke er account bound.

De bosser der kan droppe de nye crafting plans er:

  • Skeleton King
  • Spider Queen
  • Maghda
  • Zoltun Kulle
  • Ghom
  • Cydaea
  • Rakanoth
  • Izual

Dette drop er afhængigt af at du har 5 NV stacks; uden kan de simpelthen ikke droppe. MPL har dog også indflydelse, som vist her:

  • MP 0: 20%
  • MP 1: 23.2%
  • MP 2: 26.912%
  • MP 3: 31.218%
  • MP 4: 36.213%
  • MP 5: 42.007%
  • MP 6: 48.728%
  • MP 7: 56.524%
  • MP 8: 65.568%
  • MP 9: 76.059%
  • MP 10: 88.228%

Den hurtigste måde at farme plans på, er ved Ghom runs. Vælg questen 'Kill Ghom', og tag så WP til Keep Depths 1, tjek rummet lige før WPen, for at se om der er et champion pack, og gå så derefter ned i level 2, og clear indtil du har 5 NV stacks. Hvis du ikke får 5 stacks af Keep Depths level 2, foreslår jeg at du tager en TP tilbage til byen, og så tager wp til Keep Depths 3, og så går baglæns, da der tit er et pack i gangen ned til Ghom.

Afhængigt af gear, og held, kan det gøres på så lidt som 2 minutter, og bør sjældent tage mere end 10-15 minutter.

Off Topic / Dota 2 keys
« Dato: Januar 19, 2013, 04:57:24 pm »
har 8 dota 2 keys på steam, og vil gerne af med i hvert fald 6 af dem, så add mig på steam :)


Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls / PTR: Patch 1.0.7 notes
« Dato: Januar 15, 2013, 11:10:31 pm »
Vi har allerede fået et bredt overblik over de forandringer der var planlagt til 1.0.7, men nu får vi altså nogle flere ændringer, og desuden tal på dem der tidligere blev beskrevet. Det sker i anledningen af at patch 1.0.7 nu er tilgængelig på Patch Test Realm!

Public Test Realm -- Patch 1.0.7 Notes


Below you'll find the preliminary PTR patch notes for 1.0.7. Please note that this isn't the final version of the 1.0.7 notes and that some changes may not be documented or described in full detail.

To provide feedback on these changes, please visit the PTR Feedback forum. To report any issues you experience while playing, please visit the the PTR Bug Report forum. Additional information about the PTR can be found in the PTR FAQ.

   PTR Patch 1.0.7 - v.

These notes will be updated through the course of the testing process. Please be aware some changes may not go live until a new PTR build is released.

Table of Contents

  • Patch Features
  • General
  • Auction House
  • Battle.net
  • Bosses
  • Classes
  • Crafting
  • Items
  • Monsters
  • User Interface
  • Bug Fixes


    Patch Features

New Feature: Dueling

For those who wish to test their mettle against fellow Nephalem, your time has come. Players will now be able to duel one another in a new zone designed specifically for this style of combat. This zone can be accessed by speaking with Nek the Brawler located at the inn in New Tristram, and supports 2 to 4 players in a Free-For-All format.

To learn more about dueling, click here!

  • Nephalem Valor stacks will now persist through Acts
  • Base pick-up radius for all characters has been increased from 1.5 yards to 3 yards
  • The resurrection timer will no longer increase if a player is killed multiple times in a row
  • Players should no longer play a flinching animation (causing them to briefly lose control of their character) if they are hit by multiple monsters at the same time
  • The experience bonus rewarded for killing monsters on Monster Power levels 1-10 in Inferno has been increased:
  • MP 1: 25% (up from 10%)
  • MP 2: 50% (up from 20%)
  • MP 3: 80% (up from 30%)
  • MP 4: 120%(up from 45%)
  • MP 5: 165% (up from 60%)
  • MP 6: 215% (up from 75%)
  • MP 7: 275% (up from 95%)
  • MP 8: 340% (up from 115%)
  • MP 9: 420% (up from 135%
  • MP 10: 510% (up from 160%)
  • When resuming a game, players will now be placed in town instead of at the last known checkpoint (a portal will be available to take you to your last known checkpoint, if desired)


    Auction House

   User Interface
  • Cancelled PayPal auctions will now display a UI error
   Bug Fixes
  • Stash Tab Art will now properly update when viewed in the Auction House



  • Monster Power is now available for Public Games
  • Players can now select their desired Monster Power level from a drop-down when joining Public Games provided that the “Enable Monster Power” box has been checked in the Options menu
  • “Report Botting” has been added to the right-click > report player menus
  • The Battle.net UI now displays how many players are online



  • Izual is now included in the list of bosses that grant an extra reward when you have 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor, and the overall reward for killing him has been increased



  • Bug Fixes
  • Threatening Shout – Grim Harvest should no longer cause monsters to drop loot multiple times
   Demon Hunter
  • Bug Fixes
  • The Reflects Damage affix will now properly reflect damage caused by Bola Shot

Active Skills

Cyclone Strike
Weapon damage increased from 100% to 313%

         Dashing Strike
            Weapon damage increased from 160% to 303%
      Exploding Palm
            Explosion damage increased from 30% to 50% of the target’s maximum health
         Inner Sanctuary
            Radius increased from 8 yards to 11 yards
Skill Rune – Forbidden Palace
            Damage bonus increased from 10% to 15%
            Skill Rune – Sanctified Ground
               Now reduces enemy movement speed by 80% (up from 60%)
         Lashing Tail Kick
            Weapon damage increased from 235% to 470%
         Mystic Ally
            The amount of damage a Mystic Ally can take from a single hit is now capped
               The cap scales with the player's level, and is further reduced by the player's Armor and Resistance
            Skill Rune – Eternal Ally
               Weapon Damage increased from 40% to 60%
               The Eternal Ally now has a 100% chance to be reborn after 3 seconds (up from 50% and down from 5 seconds)
            Skill Rune – Fire Ally
               The cooldown of the Fire Ally’s special attack has been reduced from 8 seconds to 4 seconds
            Skill Rune – Water Ally
               The Water Ally’s special attack now reduces enemy movement speed by 60% (up from 30%)
               The cooldown of the Water Ally’s special attack has been reduced from 8 seconds to 4 seconds
         Sweeping Wind
            Base weapon damage increased from 15% to 20% per stack
            Skill Rune – Blade Storm
               Weapon damage increased from 20% to 26% per stack
            Skill Rune – Cyclone
               Weapon damage increased from 20% to 26% per stack
         Tempest Rush
            Weapon Damage increased from 85% to 155%
         Wave of Light
            Weapon damage increased from 390% to 829%
      Passive Skills
         Near Death Experience
            Dying will now reset the cooldown
      Bug Fixes
         Fixed an issue where Sweeping Wind was not actively updating its damage and attributes from the player

   Witch Doctor
      Active Skills
         Spirit Barrage
            Skill Rune – Well of Souls
               The secondary missiles fired by this rune can now hit the primary target

      Active Skills
         Arcane Orb
            Weapon damage increased from 175% to 200%
            Skill Rune – Obliteration
               Weapon damage increased from 228% to 260%
            Weapon damage increased from 210% to 510% over 6 seconds
            Proc coefficient increased from 0.01 to 0.0125
            Skill Rune – Grasping Chill
               Proc coefficient increased from 0.01 to 0.0125
            Skill Rune – Frozen Solid
               Proc coefficient increased from 0.01 to 0.0125
            Skill Rune – Stark Winter
               Proc coefficient increased to from 0.005 to 0.0125
            Skill Rune – Snowbound
               Proc coefficient increased to from 0.01 to 0.0125
            Skill Rune – Unrelenting Storm
               Weapon damage increased from 280% to 680%
         Shock Pulse
            Weapon damage increased from 105% to 150%
            Proc coefficient increased from 0.667 to 0.8
            Skill Rune – Fire Bolts
               Weapon damage increased from 152% to 195%
               Proc coefficient increased from 0.667 to 0.8
            Skill Rune – Explosive Bolts
               Weapon damage increased from 70% to 105%
               Proc coefficient increased from 0.5 to 0.8
            Skill Rune – Lightning Affinity
               Proc coefficient increased from 0.667 to 0.8
            Skill Rune – Living Lightning
               Weapon damage increased from 37% to 52%
      Passive Skills
         Critical Mass
            Critical Mass now affects the cooldowns of Archon: Teleport and Archon: Slow Time while in Archon Form
         Temporal Flux
            Now reduces enemy movement speed by 60% for 3 seconds (up from 30% and 2 seconds)
         Unstable Anomaly
            Now activates upon receiving fatal damage (changed from when a player is reduced below 30% Life)
            Dying will now reset the cooldown
      Bug Fixes
         Blizzard Critical Hits now correctly have a chance to proc Arcane Power on Crit




      A new crafting reagent, Demonic Essence, has been added to the game
This reagent is account-bound and can be acquired from Elite monsters in Inferno difficulty

Nephalem Valor will not be required in order for Demonic Essences to drop

However, each level of Monster Power will increase the drop chance of Demonic Essence from Elites according to the following values:

  • MP 0: 20.0000%
  • MP 1: 23.0000%
  • MP 2: 26.4500%
  • MP 3: 30.4175%
  • MP 4: 34.9801%
  • MP 5: 40.2271%
  • MP 6: 46.2612%
  • MP 7: 53.2004%
  • MP 8: 61.1805%
  • MP 9: 70.3575%
  • MP 10: 80.9112%
The drop rate for Blacksmithing Plans and Jeweler Designs has been increased by 400%
Four Rare recipes have been added to the Blacksmith: Archon Spaulders (Shoulders), Archon Gauntlets (Gloves), Archon Armor (Chest Armor), Razorspikes (Bracers)
         Each crafted item will have the following characteristics:

  • iLevel 63
  • 6 Affixes
  • Account-bound
  • Similar to the Hellfire Ring, it will have four variants, each guaranteeing a fixed core stat which will have the highest range available in the game
         Crafting the item will require 1 Demonic Essence (other reagent costs will vary per recipe)
      A new Rare recipe has been added to the Jeweler for an Amulet
         This amulet will have the following characteristics:

  • iLevel 63
  • 6 Affixes
  • Account-bound
  • Similar to the Hellfire Ring, it will have four variants, each guaranteeing a fixed core stat which will have the highest range available in the game
         Crafting the item will require the 1 Demonic Essence as well as:
  • 100,000g
  • 1 Perfect Gem (varied depending on which core stat you select)
  • 1 Fiery Brimstone
      A new tier of account-bound gems of has been added to the game: Marquise
         Marquise Gems stats are as follows:

            Marquise Emerald
  • Weapon: Increased Critical Hit Damage by 110%
  • Helm: +33% Extra Gold from Monsters
  • Armor: +62 Dexterity
            Marquise Topaz
  • Weapon: Melee attackers take 2200 per hit
  • Helm: 33% Better chance of finding magical items
  • Armor: +62 Intelligence
            Marquise Amethyst
  • Weapon: Each Hit adds +700 Life
  • Helm: +19% Life
  • Armor: +62 Vitality
            Marquise Ruby
  • Weapon: +150 Minimum and +150 Maximum Damage
  • Helm: Increases Bonus Experience by 33%
  • Armor: +62 Strength
         These gems can only be created at the Jeweler and will require the following reagents:
  • 3 Radiant Star Gems
  • 20 million gold
  • 1 Demonic Essence
         Un-socketing Marquise gems will cost 5 million gold

         The designs for the Marquise gems will drop randomly from all level 63 monsters
            Note: The designs are not account-bound





      Crafting Plans and Jeweler Designs have been added for all of the new Rare recipes listed above
         These plans (excluding the chest piece) will drop randomly in the world, but have a 50% chance to drop off the following bosses when you have 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor:

  • Skeleton King
  • Spider Queen
  • Maghda
  • Zoltun Kulle
  • Ghom
  • Cydaea
  • Rakanoth
  • Izual
         The Archon Armor recipe can be purchased from Squirt the Peddler for 1.5 million gold each
         Please note that neither the Crafting plans nor the Jeweler Design are account-bound

      Holding shift while buying health potions will attempt to purchase 5 potions at once
      Follower items below iLevel 60 will now no longer drop in Inferno
      Goldskin now has a limit on the number of times it can proc on a single target

      Squirt the Peddler no longer sells Dyes, but (as noted above) will now sell the plans for the Archon Armor recipe for 1.5 million gold each
   Bug Fixes
      Goldskin will no longer proc when attacking monsters that drop no loot

      Plans: Staff of Herding can now be dropped on the ground, or sold to a vendor for 0 gold

      All Staves of Herding can now be sold to a vendor for 0 gold




      The Reflects Damage affix has been redesigned:
         It will now apply a short duration buff to the monster and will only reflect a percentage of damage dealt back to the player while that buff is active

         A visual effect will display whenever the durational buff is active
      Damage dealt by pets to monster with Reflects Damage affix will no longer be reflected back to the player

      Damage dealt by the Molten affix has been reduced by 40%
      Damage dealt by the Plagued affix has been increased by 120%
      Fallen Lunatics should now detonate in a more consistent manner
      The Triune Berserker before Alcarnus should no longer swing faster after a few attacks

  • The Act II Keywarden (Sokahr) should now only use its mortar ability in Inferno difficulty
  • The Act III Keywarden (Xah’Rith) should now only use its rain of corpses ability in Inferno difficulty
  • The Act IV Keywarden (Nekarat) should now only use its earthquake and charge abilities in Inferno difficulty
   Bug Fixes
  • Rare Sand Dwellers will now spawn in The Forgotten Ruins
  • Champion Plague Swarms will now spawn in Cryder’s Outpost
  • Champion Fallen Cur will now spawn in The Storm Halls


    User Interface


      Legendary items now have a new mini-map icon
         This icon should now persist properly and be shown on the mini-map so long as the player is in the same zone as the dropped item
   Note: The icon will only display when Legendary items are dropped by a monster, not a player

Bug Fixes
      Fixed an issue causing the Enable Monster Power option to reset
      Fixed an issue affecting the scroll speed of text
      Vendors will now properly display an Armor tab when you are in an Inferno game with Monster Power set above 0


    Bug Fixes

   Fixed an issue where new Hardcore characters were not labeled as Hardcore on the homepage
   Fixed an error that could occur when closing the World of Warcraft client while the Diablo III client was still running


Alt i alt rigtigt mange spændende ting!

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls / Patch 1.0.7 preview: Dueling, Crafting og mere!
« Dato: Januar 12, 2013, 01:05:41 pm »
patch 1.0.7 indeholder massere af spændende ting, så tag et kig!

Patch 1.0.7 Preview

Patch 1.0.7 is currently under development and many of the changes included in that update will soon be on the PTR. Before we hit you with patch notes, though (and a new client to download), here's a preview of what's coming.

  • Dueling
  • Class Updates
  • Crafting Additions
  • Monster Power Changes
  • Monster Affix Changes
  • Quality of Life Improvements

The Scorched Chapel: Dueling

As Jay discussed in his PvP update, patch 1.0.7 will introduce dueling, allowing players to test their mettle against fellow Nephalem. Here's a quick rundown of how dueling will work in Diablo III as well as some insight into our design philosophy for the system.

How it Works:

  • To duel another player, you’ll need to speak with Nek the Brawler at the inn in New Tristram
  • Speaking with Nek will take you and your party to the Scorched Chapel, a new zone designed specifically for player combat
  • This zone has custom geometry and features four different areas: the church, the graveyard, the river, and the lake
  • Dueling currently supports up to four players in a Free-For-All format, which means you can battle your friends either one-on-one, three-player FFA, or a full four-player FFA

Our intent is to provide players a safe, opt-in location where they can fight one another for bragging rights (or maybe science) without the potential for griefing as it existed in Diablo II.

The game doesn't keep score and there are no objectives. We wanted dueling to be as simple and straightforward as possible, so we created a minimalist system -- we know that even without rewards and objectives, some players just want to beat each other up. Some matchups may be one-sided, and we don't expect that battles will be necessarily balanced. But that's okay, because dueling in Diablo III is more about kicking ass and taking names in a no-holds-barred sort of way, and this design certainly allows you to accomplish that.

Additional Info:

  • If you die in the dueling world, you will be resurrected in the dueling zone
  • Death is not permanent in the dueling zone, even for Hardcore characters
  • You don't take any durability damage while in the dueling zone
  • When you're done dueling you can take a portal out or use your Town Portal to return to town.


   Stay Classy, Sanctuary

In terms of class balance, we focused on improving the Wizard and the Monk this patch.


The Wizard is seeing a damage buff to skills such as Arcane Orb, Blizzard, and Shock Pulse. We're also making other small changes such as allowing Illusionist to reset the cooldown of Slow Time and increasing the slow effect of Temporal Flux from 30% for 2 seconds to 60% for 3 seconds.


The Monk is getting a big damage buff to all Spirit Spenders. One of the most common uses for Spirit is to recast Mantra of Conviction-Overawe for the 3 second bonus.  While this is totally legitimate, we want to provide alternate uses for your extra Spirit. As a result, we are greatly buffing all the damage-dealing Spirit Spenders to try and provide an alternate use for your Spirit.

Although the Wizard and Monk are receiving the most changes this patch, that doesn't mean we feel the other classes are perfect. Other classes have received more substantial changes in previous patches, and we still have lots of ideas for the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, and Witch Doctor, but constantly changing class skills can often do more harm than good.


      Item Hunting

One of the most common requests we get from players is that they'd like to find more items (through drops or crafting) that are as awesome as those that they can get from the Auction House. The Auction House has its advantages: you get to pick the exact stats that you want, it can be thrilling to find a bargain, and if you find a cool drop that your character can't use, the Auction House provides a way to earn gold to put toward an item you prefer. But it has some downsides. The biggest downside is that some players find it more rewarding to collect items from slain monsters or crafting.

Patch 1.0.5 and the Infernal Machine event were successful in this regard, particularly with the Hellfire Ring reward. The Hellfire Ring is account-bound, and all the reagents to make it are also account-bound. So, you can't just go to the Auction House and buy a ring that someone else had found or made—you have to farm the reagents and ultimately craft the Hellfire Ring yourself. And as you play through the event more, you have additional opportunities to roll new Hellfire Rings with potentially better stats (or stats that are more suited to your play style and needs).

New Crafting Recipes

We feel like the Hellfire Ring was a good first step and would like to introduce more items like it. So, working off this design, in 1.0.7 we're adding a new set of Rare crafting recipes that will create account-bound gloves, pants, wrists, a chest piece, and an amulet.

These new items will have six affixes and feature a primary stat (Str, Dex, Int, Vit) that extends higher than what is currently available in the respective slots. The items will also require an account-bound crafting reagent called Demonic Essence, which drops from Elite monsters in Inferno.  Much like the reagents in the Infernal Machine event, the chance of getting a Demonic Essence will increase at higher Monster Power levels. Currently we are planning for a 20% chance to drop at Monster Power 0, and each Monster Power will increase the chance of Demonic Essence dropping by 15% (MP1 will be 23%, MP2 will be 26.45%, etc. up to 80.91% at MP10).  These are the numbers we’ll be going to PTR with and are subject to change.

The Archon Armor recipe (the chest piece) can be purchased from Squirt the Peddler for 1.5 million gold. The other plans will drop randomly in the world, but also have a 50% chance to drop off the following bosses when you have five stacks of Nephalem Valor:

  • Skeleton King
  • Spider Queen
  • Maghda
  • Zoltun Kulle
  • Ghom
  • Cydaea
  • Rakanoth
  • Izual


New Gems: The Marquise

In addition to new items, we're also adding a new tier of gems for those who really want to push their character farther. The new tier is called "Marquise" and most of its stats are in line with the current gem progression.

We also took the opportunity to modify the Ruby effect in weapons. At the moment, the Critical Hit damage bonus provided by the Emerald is a clear choice for anybody looking to do more damage with their weapon.  The new tier Ruby is a significant bump up that should make it the preferred choice for those who favor attack speed over Critical Hit chance, or for those who use skills which do not benefit as much from Critical Hit such as Sentry and Hydra.

Players often ask why their Sentry or Hydra doesn't inherit their Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage. The answer is that we want players to be able to build their characters in different ways, and we would rather Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage weren’t always automatically the right answer. While this is not something that will change overnight, "different stats for different builds" is a high-level design goal and introducing a very strong Ruby is a step in the right direction.

The current design is that these gems can be combined at the Jeweler for a substantial reagent and gold cost (3 Radiant Star gems, 20 million gold, and 1 Demonic Essence), and the designs will drop randomly from level 63 monsters around the world.


      Monster Power Changes

Overall, we've been very happy with Monster Power. Players are playing at a variety of Monster Power levels and upping the challenge. Different builds are of varying effectiveness at different Monster Power levels and we’re seeing a lot of build diversity there.

We do think there are two clear areas where we can improve: making Monster Power available in Public Games, and increasing the XP bonuses for players in Inferno.

   Monster Power in Public Games

When the Monster Power system was first introduced, we were wary of making it available for Public Games for two reasons. One, we didn’t want to reduce the pool of games that players could be matched into. And two, we wanted to avoid the potential group tension that could occur if somebody joined a Public Game at a Monster Power level higher than what they’re ready for. (For example, you wouldn’t want a severely undergeared character to join your Monster Power 6 game and constantly die. That can be very hindering to an otherwise powerful group.)

What we realized is that 1) choosing a Public Game and ending up in a game by yourself, but at the Monster Power you want is still preferable than not being able to play in a Public Game at all, and 2) undergeared characters can pretty much roadblock groups in Inferno anyway (if they really want to). We feel that the damage we’re doing to public games by not supporting Monster Power is greater than the potential damage we’d be doing by increasing Public Game waiting times or exposing Monster Power groups to possible leechers.

So, in patch 1.0.7 we're going to be rolling out Monster Power support in public games. You need to have the Monster Power option enabled to use it, of course—same as for making private Monster Power games. Once the feature is enabled, you can choose a Public Game and set a desired Monster Power level from the dropdown. From there, the game will work to match you into a group with the same Monster Power level selected.

Experience Bonuses in Inferno

We're increasing the experience reward for playing on Monster Power levels 1-10 in 1.0.7. Before I go into what's changing, though, here’s a little note on design philosophy. . . .

People often ask what the intention of Monster Power is. Am I supposed to just turn the Monster Power up as high as I can until I die? No, not really. Just because you’re able to beat something doesn’t mean that it’s optimal. In fact, we think there’s a real risk that if the most efficient path for XP or item farming involves playing on the highest Monster Power setting available regardless of the gameplay experience, then the game might actually become a lot less fun for a lot of people.

To take an extreme example: What if we made every monster on Monster Power 10 worth 5000x more experience? In that case, killing even one monster in Monster Power 10 would be worth hours of play at Monster Power 1. But is that what’s best for the game? Players who are looking to be efficient would likely play on Monster Power 10, but they’d be forced into a smaller number of defensive builds. Many players are able to kill things on Monster Power 10 already, but it might require them to use a skill build they don’t enjoy as much and the game can start to feel extremely tedious as you spend a lot of time attacking a monster that takes forever to die. We don’t want to overly-incentivize players into that kind of play style, and making Monster Power 10 the most efficient would undoubtedly cause this to happen.

We believe that Diablo shines when you can spend the majority of your time slaughtering hordes of enemies and then having that punctuated by the occasional difficulty spike either in the form of a particularly challenging set of normal monsters (like an elite pack) or a boss. With that in mind, what we want to do with Monster Power is set the reward so that there are incentives for playing at a higher level, but not make the incentives so powerful that players feel like they need to make the game less enjoyable in order to achieve a faster reward rate.

In line with all of that, we’re currently planning to increase XP bonuses for Monster Power levels to the following values:

  • MP 1: 25% (up from 10%)
  • MP 2: 50% (up from 20%)
  • MP 3: 80% (up from 30%)
  • MP 4: 120%(up from 45%)
  • MP 5: 165% (up from 60%)
  • MP 6: 215% (up from 75%)
  • MP 7: 275% (up from 95%)
  • MP 8: 340% (up from 115%)
  • MP 9: 420% (up from 135%
  • MP 10: 510% (up from 160%)

These numbers are still being worked on. We're going to monitor how things play out on PTR and make adjustments as necessary.


   Monster Changes

And speaking of monsters, we're making some changes to a few affixes this patch:

Reflects Damage

We've adjusted the Reflects Damage mechanic. Monsters with this affix will now pulse a damage reflection shield on and off. While the shield is down, the monster does not reflect damage. When the reflect shield is on, the monster will Reflect Damage the way it does now on live. The shield has a strong visual associated with it so you’ll know it is reflecting. (We’ve also made it so that pet damage is no longer reflected back to the player.)

Molten and Plagued

We've made changes to Molten and Plagued, too. Molten often feels like one of the more threatening ground-based damage effects, and Plagued feels a bit low. So, we’re reducing the damage from Molten packs and increasing the damage from Plagued.


 Quality of Life Changes

Finally, we’re making some other quality of life improvements to the game that we hope you can all appreciate.

  • We're removing the incrementing resurrection timer on consecutives deaths. With the removal of enrage timers in the previous patch and the emphasis on players selecting their level of challenge via the Monster Power system, long resurrection timers no longer serve a useful purpose. It will now be a flat 5 seconds in Softcore. (The resurrection timer in Hardcore remains unchanged. :D)
  • We're also increasing the base pickup radius by a small amount.  The intention here is to ensure that players who are actively trying to pick up a piece of gold are able to get it. The current radius felt just slightly too small, such that even when you ran quickly past a piece of gold on purpose, you would sometimes fail to pick it up.  We still want a meaningful pickup radius to be a gearing choice, so the buff to the base pickup radius is modest. Many players may not even notice. For those who are very meticulous with health globes, the new radius is still small enough that you can avoid picking up a health globe in melee range if you so choose.


      PTR Coming Soon. . .

These are really just a few of the topline systems changes we’ll be making in 1.0.7, and we hope you’re looking forward to them as much as we are. This patch will be on the PTR very soon, and we encourage you to participate, test out what’s new, and let us know what you think!



Så hvad er jeres tanker? rigtig mange store forandringer, men er det til det bedre eller værre? Og hvad ser i mest frem til? :)

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls / D3X GUIDE: Monster Power Level
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Monster Power Level
Monster Power Level (herefter 'MPL') er en indstilling, der gør spillet sværere, men samtidig også giver dig nogle fordele i form af magic find, gold find og xp bonus (på inferno får du en chance for at monstre dropper et ekstra item når de ellers dropper noget). Desuden spiller det ind på drops af keys og organer (mere om dette senere). Efter patch 1.0.7 spiller det også ind på chancen for at elite monstre dropper Demonic Essences og på chancen for at specifikke bosser dropper de nye crafting plans (ligeledes mere om dette senere)

Når MPL aktiveres på inferno, får man samme drop chance for de forskellige iLvls (items levels) i alle acts;
iLvl 61: 24,1% chance
iLvl 62: 16,1% chance
iLvl 63: 8,0% chance

MPL går fra 0, altså ingen MPL, til og med lvl 10, som er det sværeste.

Hvordan gør det spillet sværere? Og hvor store er de bonusser jeg får?
Monstrene du møder i spillet vil have væsentligt mere liv, og en del mere skade per MPL. Desuden bliver alle monstre (på inferno) gjort til level 63, lige meget hvilken act du er i. Altså vil Act 1 monstre være samme level som Act 3 monstre. Derfor er Act 1 og Act 3 teknisk set lige svære. Der forekommer selvfølgelig forskelle i de monstre man møder, så det afhænger også af build. At alle monstre er level 63 betyder også, at alle monstre kan droppe de bedste items i spillet.

Her er en tabel over monstrenes skade, liv og den bonus xp, magic find, ekstra item og gold find du får på de forskellige MPLs (på inferno-sværhedsgraden) Bemærk at XP bonus og skade bonus er blevet ændret, og derfor ikke svarer til hvad der står i tabellen (se under tabellen for info):

Efter at patch 1.0.7 gik live er XP bonussen på Inferno som følgende:

MP 1: 25% (up from 10%)
MP 2: 50% (up from 20%)
MP 3: 80% (up from 30%)
MP 4: 120%(up from 45%)
MP 5: 165% (up from 60%)
MP 6: 215% (up from 75%)
MP 7: 275% (up from 95%)
MP 8: 340% (up from 115%)
MP 9: 420% (up from 135%
MP 10: 510% (up from 160%)

bemærk dog at efter d. 23/10/2012 er monster damage bonussen reduceret betydeligt, som det står her:

MP1: 109.60% (down from 114%)
MP2: 120.12% (down from 130%)
MP3: 131.65% (down from 148%)
MP4: 144.29% (down from 169%)
MP5: 158.14% (down from 193%)
MP6: 173.32% (down from 220%)
MP7: 189.96% (down from 250%)
MP8: 208.20% (down from 285%)
MP9: 228.18% (down from 325%)
MP10: 250.09% (down from 371%)

På andre sværhedsgrader end inferno ser det sådan her ud:

MPLs indflydelse på nøgler og organer
MPL har stor relevans, når man leder efter nøgler til Infernal Machine og organer til Hellfire Ring. For hvert MPL får du 10% større chance for at der dropper en key/et organ. Altså har du 10% chance for et organ ved MPL 1, 20% ved MPL 2 og så videre. (bemærk at du skal have 5 stacks NV, Nephalem Valor, før at de overhovedet kan droppe)

Mere om Infernal Machine og Hellfire Ring kan læses her; Guide: Infernal Machine og Hellfire Ring.

MPLs indflydelse på Demonic Essence og crafting plans drop rate

Med patch 1.0.7 blev der tilføjet et nyt drop, Demonic Essences fra elite monstre, bosser, treasure goblins og visse ingame events der giver NV stacks, og nye crafting plans der droppede fra nogle specifikke bosser.

Chancen for at der dropper Demonic essences er kun afhængig af MPL og altså ikke NV stacks. Chancen for at de dropper er følgende:

MP 0: 15.0000%
MP 1: 16.5000%
MP 2: 18.1500%
MP 3: 19.9650%
MP 4: 21.9615%
MP 5: 24.1577%
MP 6: 26.5734%
MP 7: 29.2308%
MP 8: 32.1538%
MP 9: 35.3692%
MP 10: 38.9061%

De bosser der kan droppe de nye crafting plans er:

Skeleton King
Spider Queen
Zoltun Kulle

Dette drop er afhængigt af at du har 5 NV stacks; uden kan de simpelthen ikke droppe. MPL har dog også indflydelse, som vist her:

MP 0: 20%
MP 1: 23.2%
MP 2: 26.912%
MP 3: 31.218%
MP 4: 36.213%
MP 5: 42.007%
MP 6: 48.728%
MP 7: 56.524%
MP 8: 65.568%
MP 9: 76.059%
MP 10: 88.228%

Hvordan aktiverer og ændrer jeg MPL?
Det første du skal gøre for at aktivere MPL, er at gå ind i indstillinger, og derefter vælge "Gameplay"-menuen. Her skal du sætte kryds i boksen i højre side med "Enable Monster Power Selection"

Herefter kan du ændre, hvilket MPL du vil spille på, ved at gå ind i 'Change Quest' og bruge den drop down-menu du finder her.

Hvis du har problemer med at finde disse indstillinger, kan du videoen nedenfor:
(click to show/hide)

Bemærk, at spillet nogle gange resetter din settings i forhold til MPL - typisk efter multiplayer games. Hvis du lige pludselig mangler muligheden for at ændre MPL, skal du gå ind i gameplay tab i indstillinger og aktivere det igen.

Hvordan kan jeg se hvilket MPL jeg er på?
Hvis du er i menuen, kan du se det i venstre hjørne, hvor du også ser questen:

Hvis du er inde i et spil, kan du se det i højre hjørne over kortet:

Blizzards tanker om MPL
Blizzard ønskede at skabe lidt større udfordring for spillerne, da nogle spillere havde så godt gear, at de kunne nedkæmpe alt på sekunder på Inferno. Derfor lavede de MPL. Tanken bag MPL er, at spillet skal gøres sværere, uden at være umuligt. Det er også grunden til, at monstre får meget mere liv, end de får damage. Lav skade bonus og høj health bonus for monstrene betød at det blev ønskværdigt at få mere damage, hvilket Blizzard mente, ville være sjovere end at være tvunget til at gøre alt for at få højere overlevelsesevne.

Desuden giver MPL også spillerne mulighed for selv at bestemme, hvor svært spillet skal være, uden at gøre det umuligt at finde gode items. Desuden gælder det nu også for spillerne om at finde det bedste MPL i forhold til effektivitet; altså hvor meget spillerne dør i forhold til, hvor hurtigt de dræber monstre.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls / Patch 1.0.5: Monster Power Level
« Dato: Oktober 11, 2012, 07:42:18 pm »
Blizzard giver os et nærmere kig på monster power level og deres tanker om det:

Monster Power: More Guts, More Glory

The armies of the Burning Hells are about to become a lot more hellacious. In patch 1.0.5, we'll be introducing Monster Power, a new system designed to give players more control over how challenging enemies are in each difficulty setting. Similar to the "Players X" command in Diablo II, Monster Power gives Diablo III players the option to increase the health and damage of monsters according to different "power levels" -- and in return, they'll receive scaling bonuses to their adventure stats (including experience, Magic Find, and Gold Find) as well as more drops.

The option to adjust Monster Power will be available to all players starting at level 1 through the Quest Selection window, and can be adjusted separately for Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno difficulties. Here's how the system works....


   Setting Your Monster Power Level

Monster Power will be disabled by default, so before you can make any adjustments, you'll first need to enable the system. To do so, open up the Game Menu, click the Options button, and then click the Gameplay tab. You'll see the Enable Monster Power Selection box on the right side of the screen -- check that, and then click Accept.

Once enabled, the option to set Monster Power will appear in the lower portion of the Quest Selection window next to the Difficulty drop-down menu.  You can choose from Monster Power 1 (MP1) all the way up to Monster Power 10 (MP10), or you can opt for No Monster Power (the default setting) to play the "normal" challenge level for your chosen difficulty. Monster Power can be adjusted separately for each hero and difficulty, and can be changed at any time through the Quest Selection interface.

At the launch of patch 1.0.5, Monster Power will be available in both solo and private multiplayer games. Whenever you join a private multiplayer game, your hero will temporarily adopt the Monster Power level set by the party leader, and it will return to the previous setting you selected as soon as you leave the group.
(Please note that you will not be able to adjust Monster Power in Public Games at the feature's launch, though we're looking into the possibility of adding that ability in the future.)


   More Guts, More Glory

Starting at MP1, each level of Monster Power will increase monster damage and health by a scaling amount depending on difficulty. To reward your audacity, your hero will receive a scaling bonus to experience, Magic Find, and Gold Find (which will stack above the 300% cap).
For Normal, Nightmare, and Hell, the bonuses look like this:

In Inferno, in addition to increased experience, Magic Find, and Gold Find, whenever a monster dies and drops an item normally (whether it be gold, a potion, or a piece of gear), the monster also has a chance to drop an additional bonus item. The chance to drop a bonus item will scale up with each MP level as detailed in the table below.


For players in Inferno participating in the Infernal Machine event (we’ll provide more info on this event soon), Monster Power will also increase the drop chance for Keywarden Keys and Demonic Organ Pieces by 10% for each MP level, all the way up to 100% at MP 10.

In Inferno at Monster Power 1 or greater, monsters in every Act will also be bumped up to level 63 and share the same high-end item drop rates. This means that no matter which act you're progressing through, the monsters in that act will all have the same shot at dropping items level 61-63, including crafting recipes, Legendary items, and set items.
With the change that allows item affixes to roll at the monster's level instead of the item’s levels, all items in Inferno at MP 1 or greater now have the ability to roll level 63 affixes.

While monsters in Inferno will all be level 63 at MP 1 through MP 10, their skills, abilities, and attributes will still vary from act to act. This means that certain Acts or Chapters may still be more difficult for you than others based on what monsters and Elite packs appear in each, but -- since the rewards will be identical across the entire difficulty -- where you choose to play is ultimately up to you and your personal play style.

      The Method Behind the Monsters

Now that we've explained the mechanics, let's delve a bit deeper into the design philosophy.  The intent of Monster Power is not necessarily to make the game "unbeatable," but to provide better ways for players to measure their progress as they become more powerful. We've designed the system around this idea, with two primary areas of focus:
*Monster Damage vs. Monster Health

Since the goal of this system isn’t to make the game ultra-hard, with each Monster Power level there's a heavy emphasis on increased monster health rather than monster damage. This is because, in general, it's more fun to find ways to maximize your damage than it is to be forced into taking every available form of damage mitigation. We also didn't want to create situations where "hard to beat" could become "impossible to beat" because players couldn't survive long enough to make any progress. In our testing, we found that while scaling up monster damage certainly made some fights more challenging, it did so in unfair ways…and also made it quite easy for heroes to be one-shot. Increasing the health of monsters, on the other hand, allowed the game to scale up in difficulty more naturally and in a way that still felt manageable.

By now, some players have reached a point where they can kill monsters so fast that even Inferno provides almost no challenge, and enemies die as soon as they appear on the screen. For these players, the bottleneck for efficient farming is actually the speed at which they can traverse the map rather than how well they can dispense with enemies.

This is where Monster Power can shine. Players who can clear every Act of Inferno without much problem can increase their Monster Power for a more enjoyable and interesting challenge -- as well as better rewards -- and keep pushing their limits all the way up to Monster Power 10. Will some players be able to kill Diablo on Monster Power 10 as soon as 1.0.5 goes live? Absolutely. Will that be the most efficient Monster Power level at which to farm items? For most, probably not. Monster Power allows each individual decide what that "sweet spot" is for them.

         The Power Is Yours
In Diablo III, your character's power can grow by multiple orders of magnitude, but up until now there hasn't been a way for you to truly put that potency to the test. The Monster Power system provides a new outlet for high-powered heroes to truly see how far they've come and tangibly experience just how epic the gear they've collected is.

Different players want different levels of challenge, and with Monster Power you'll be able to determine what the right level of challenge is for you. Whether you're in it for the guts, the glory, or simply the goodies, we're excited to offer players the opportunity to face the forces of evil on their own (possibly slightly insane) terms.


Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls / Patch 1.0.5 Sneak Peek
« Dato: September 13, 2012, 05:28:58 pm »
Vi har i forvejen fået et kig på deres ideer til Crowd Control changes i den næste patch, men blizzard kommer nu med et par saftige små hints til hvad vi kan forvente:


We’ll have articles in the coming days providing all the details on the upcoming patch, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what major features to expect.

Defensive Skill Changes

In our eternal quest to promote build diversity; we’ll be making changes to defensive skills across the board while simultaneously reducing incoming damage. The net result is a survivability buff for players, and an increase in build options as defensive abilities become less “mandatory.”

New Event: Infernal Machine

The Infernal Machine is a device that will allow level-60 players to battle “uber” versions of some of Sanctuary’s most nefarious bosses. While the rewards for defeating these bosses will be great, some assembly is required.

New System: Monster Power

Similar to the “Players 8” command in Diablo II, the Monster Power system is designed to give players more control over how challenging enemies are in each difficulty.

This and more is coming in Patch 1.0.5! Stay tuned for all the gory details.



patch 1.0.5 previews:
Crowd Control changes
Defensive Bonuses and Monster Damage

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